#1 - Ken Lyneham said:
2010-08-16 23:16 -

I completely agree with you about religion & politics. The two should be kept separate. Unfortunately those who I rate as religious nuts, are incapable of doing just that. Like you, most people I am acquainted with who happen to be believers, are pretty good and generally keep their faith to themselves, those who don't, I try to avoid. I read with interest your other blog about 'Noah's Ark', Ashleigh is learning about it at the moment and I have a hard job biting my tongue. The whole story is so full of holes, all the water that fell, should have drained away! I'm sure that the American founding fathers never meant religion to have such a commanding position within their politics. But sadly it has, and unless we get a number of stable minded people in politics here, the same thing will happen to our system, God forbid ha ha ha. I believe because our parliament & politics have such a strong tie with the Christian religion, that Islam will take over, that's reason enough to have religion banned from politics. Ken

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