#1 - Martin said:
2012-09-04 17:20 -

Unfortunately Roger, there are an over whelming amount of people with very little to no knowledge on astronomy which insist on perpetuating nothing but a wife's tale about a so called "blue moon" I have come across a few very exited people about this event, some know me and carefully meander around the subject and fish for an answer or an opinion so I oblige and try not make them feel stupid or foolish. However, for others I let the event speak for it self when they eagerly look at the moon for most of the night waiting for it to turn blue, lol. They soon come to the cold realization that perhaps the information they were given was not actually true and the embarrassement is then swallowed hopefully in private. It is however, entertaining though. I will agree without doubt that it gets people looking up from time to time, but it will always remain from time to time. Clear Skies

#1.1 - Ggreybeard 2012-09-04 17:41 -

Thanks Martin. I just look on with amazement as professional and amateur astronomers propagate this sheer nonsense.

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